"Whithout image, thinking is impossible"-Aristotles

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of the intendancy" - Hermes Trismegistus

These examples reflect the solid documented experience and efficiency of the therapy made by Fabian. He has several techniques for; migraine, shoulder pain, back pain, knee and foot pain, tennis elbow, etc. Fabian is a therapist, not a doctor, not a magician. He does not look for merits that do not belong to him, nor to hide the effectiveness of his work. Although some of the treatments may seem shocking, however incredible it may seem, some of the improvements has been made exclusively with nutrition. Nothing new, sayings and old books like the Bible, are a good source of learning yet. It seems that our ancestors had similar problems and that they had in the bullseye, the same as us, being efficient. If you need to talk and have a consultation please don't hesitate to call. All info would be on the contact page. None of the treatments imply the use of drugs, it´s all 100% natural. He does not rule out, nor affirm, that the combination of drugs would have given better results.

Sciatica Treatment

The Sciatic pain it´s so deep that it can immobilize the body. The patient can hardly move. Here is the patient before starting the treatment. He could not stand the pain to go with the ambulance to urgency services.

After the treatment, the muscular chain is rebalanced, and the patient is free of pain.

Sciatica Treatment

Easy to distinguish even visually, how sciatica “bends” the body.

After the treatment, the patient is free of pain. He can jump, run, bend and start his job. The insurance companies will appreciate this.

Irritable- bowel-syndrome with constipation- overweight

This patient is immobilized in bed because of a stroke. We used this therapy; fast in the evening and breakfast in the morning. 


After changing his nutritional habits, the patient started to feel better, no more constipation and nor pain from his bowels. He lost 22 kilos.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment


This patient suffered from a migraine, more than 20 years.


By relaxing the posterior muscular chain, we could improve the posture. The migraine vas instantly released.



The patient could not feel the taste, temperature, quantity, mechanical stimuli, touch, and texture. His wife swore to clean his tongue effectively. Taking care of nutrition, we could improve the mood and eliminate the candida.

Blisters with candidiasis-improved

The patient has recovered the taste, sensation, and temperature of the food. In other words, the taste buds can inform the brain, of what is in the mouth. Objective fulfilled!

Blisters with candidiasis-improved


Scoliosis treatment can be painful. Every patient is different and reacts in a different way.

scoliosis improved

After the treatment, the boy started to grow quick, balanced and without back pain. The back pain affected him in the studies and school activities.


Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesions

Patient 81 years old, overweight with intestinal problems, due to malnutrition.High blood pressure and LDL. She used to buy fast food. from the freezer to the microwave. When we first saw her, she was on her couch. There she stood all day, till the cleaning girl brought her the dinner and helped her to go to bad. She could not stand alone. After six months, she could go alone to the supermarket,  buy the newspaper and come back. We still keep this video.

Improved vascular lesions

The skin improved and the blood circulation started to flow better. The veins were also looking healthier.

Spinal Injury-Before

Patient practicing Yoga, is injured by forcing a posture in back extension. The usual way, to procede, would have been, visit the doctor, x rays and possible surgical intervention. The shadow on the left, shows the tension of the paravertebral muscles, protecting the region.

Spinal injury- Released

With our techniques, the injury has improved in one session and the patient can already live a normal life. There is no more tension on the left side.