The Natural Medicines

Efficient Therapy

Is YOU who gives value to things!

The earth gives us the medicine

Tabaco for Rapé or Mapacho

Tobacco for Rapé or Mapacho.
Is more than for years that Natural medicines are on my bullseyes, in order to learn, to experiment with these medicines and depending on the results, I can make public my opinion and be able to help my patients.
Shure, this can be subjective, so here is my opinion;
1. These ancestral Medicines were used for hundreds of years and the only “secondary” effect of using them is the inconvenience of a deep detox of the body, like vomits, hypersalivation, abundant tear flow, a deep decongestion of frontal sinuses, etc. In 1571, Dr Nicolás Monardes in his book, The History of the Medicinal plants from Occidental Indies, explains the therapeutic use of the Medicinal plants. Then, how comes that Tobacco, the detested plant that kills thousands of people every year, can be so useful?, I asked the Shaman. He answered that Tobacco is not dangerous if you know how to use it. First, he said: you the “Gringos”, ignore that Tobacco is the plant of fire! If you inhale it, it will burn you! So,what about the smoke?. He says: we use the smoke to drive away the evil spirits, but we DO NOT INHALE it! We have a deep respect for the plant, in order to implore her help.

Tabaco-for- Rapé

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