If you are suffering from muscular, articular,  or neurological discomfort, Fabian is the man! The Most Trusted Name in Therapy. You can be sure to expect the highest level of effective therapy. Our postural metrics test will help to find the diagnostic and treatment.  Not only we` ll fix your problem, but we will measure the effectiveness of the work and show you how you can be less vulnerable.



Fabian, has been in the massage therapy for 36 years, He is an expert therapist, and he can measure and document the “before and after” of his work. His services have been required by world-renowned patients, from various countries, such as; The world boxing champion, Mr, Nigel Benn and the world tennis champion, Mrs, Ana Ivanović. Mr, Sergey Burakov. world swimming champion has also successfully  tried our therapies. From Manacor Mr, Toni Nadal, Mallorca, Diamond Polisher. From the Arts world, Mr, Guy Hamilton, film Director and his friend, Mr, Larry Mortorff, Film Producer, often frequented  our office for stress release. Some great artists, are also great athletes, as Mr, James Taylor, 20th Century Fox Studios, on a bike tour in Mallorca, has relaxed his legs before the circuits. For Fabian, was a big honor knowing and treating, the artist, sculptor and pianist, Prof, Dr Florish Froehlich, Bern Medicine University and the amazing Clairvoyant, Dr, Pierre Girardin, Swiss, as well as, the TV Star, Dra, Margareta Cazacu, Surgeon Urologist, Romania. His first Manager in a Spanish clinic Mallorca, Dr, Jose Maria Del Hoyo, Nutritionist, Endocrinology. The endearing and friend, Dr, Juan Antonio Bueno, Mallorca. Working with Dr, Javier Beut, Plastic Surgery, Mallorca, he learned efficient technique for skin preoperatory and postoperatory. etc. Fabian wants to express his deep gratitude, to all of them, for the enormous information and teachings he learned from them. He traveled the world, to help patients from; Rusia, Monaco, Swiss, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Israel, Turkey, French, Brasil. Onboard therapist for luxury yachts. He can answer your calls in these languages; English, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, Hungarian

Dumitru Fabian