If you’re experiencing muscular, joint, or neurological discomfort, Fabian is your go-to expert! Renowned as The Most Trusted Name in Therapy, you can rely on him to deliver the highest standard of effective treatment. Our comprehensive postural metrics test is designed to pinpoint diagnostics and tailor treatment plans to your needs. Beyond simply addressing your issues, we’ll also assess the effectiveness of our work and provide strategies to minimize vulnerability moving forward. Trust Fabian for unmatched expertise and lasting relief.


A profound believer in the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” Fabian stands as a prominent figure in the field of massage therapy, boasting an impressive 36-year tenure marked by expertise and precision. His unique ability to meticulously measure and document the transformative effects of his work sets him apart in the industry.

Having catered to a distinguished clientele hailing from across the globe, Fabian’s services have been sought after by esteemed figures such as world boxing champion Nigel Benn, tennis star Ana Ivanović, and swimming Champion Sergey Burakov. Notable personalities from the arts world, including film director Guy Hamilton and producer Larry Mortorff, have also entrusted Fabian for stress relief and rejuvenation.

Fabian’s illustrious journey has seen him collaborate with a diverse array of individuals, from renowned athletes like Toni Nadal to esteemed medical professionals such as Dr. Florish Froehlich of Bern Medicine University and Dr. Pierre Girardin, the clairvoyant from Switzerland. His work has extended to assisting TV star Dr. Margareta Cazacu, surgeon urologist from Romania, and collaborating with esteemed colleagues like Dr. Jose Maria Del Hoyo and Dr. Javier Beut in various medical disciplines.

Grateful for the wealth of knowledge and teachings imparted by these esteemed individuals, Fabian’s global footprint extends across countries such as Russia, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Israel, Turkey, France, and Brazil. His expertise even extends to serving as an onboard therapist for luxury yachts, catering to clients in their preferred languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Romanian, and Hungarian.

Fabian’s dedication to his craft and unwavering commitment to his clients’ well-being continue to define his legacy as a pioneering figure in the realm of therapeutic excellence.

Dumitru Fabian